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Survival Phrases (continued)


Levantine Arabic / Damascus


II. Meeting and Greeting



How are you?


To a male


كِيْفَكْ ؟



= how (are) you?


To a female


كِيْفكْ ؟



= how (are) you?



I'm fine, thanks



مْنِيْحْ ، الْحَمْد للَّه

mneeh, ėl-hamdėlla

= fine, thank God



مْنِيْحَة ، الْحَمْد للَّه

mneeha, ėl-hamdėlla

= fine, thank God



I am very glad to meet you

فرْصَة سَعِيْدة

fėrsa sa"eede

= a pleasant opportunity



Do you speak English?


بْتحْكِيْ إنْغْلِيْزِيْ ؟

btėhkee 'ėngleezee

= (you) speak English?



Does anyone here speak English?

 حَدَاْ هونْ بْيحْكِيْ إنْغْلِيْزِيْ  ؟

hadaa hōn byėhkee 'ėngleezee

= someone here speaks English?



I only speak a little Arabic

أَنَاْ بحْكِيْ بَسْ شْوَيّةْ عَرَبِيْ

'anaa bėhkee bas shwayyet "arabee

= I speak only little (of) Arabic



What is your name?


To a male

شُوْ إسْمَكْ ؟

shoo 'ėsm-ak

= what (is) (the) name (of) you?


To a female

شُوْ إسْمكْ ؟

shoo 'ėsm-ek

= what (is) (the) name (of) you?



My name is John

إسْمِيْ جونْ

'ėsm-ee jōn

= (the) name (of) me (is) John



I don't understand

مَاْ فْهمتْ

maa fhėmėt

= not (I) understood



What did you say?


To a male

شُوْ قلتْ ؟

shoo 'ėlėt

= what (you) said?


To a female

شُوْ قلتِيْ ؟

shoo 'ėltee

= what (you) said?



Can you speak more slowly?

مُمْكنْ تحْكِيْ أَبْطَأَ شْوَيّْ ؟

mumkėn tėhkee 'abta' shwayy

= (is it) possible (you) speak slower a bit?



I understand perfectly


To a male

عَمْ إفْهَمْ عَليكْ مْنِيْحْ

"am 'ėfham "alai-k mneeh

= (I am) understanding you well


To a female

عَمْ إفْهَمْ عَليكِ مْنِيْحْ

"am 'ėfham "alai-ki mneeh

= (I am) understanding you well



 III. Others


That's enough



(he/it) suffices


What is this?

shoo haad

شُوْ هَاْذْ ؟

what (is) this?


How much is this?

b-'addaish haad

بْقَدّايشْ هَاْذْ ؟

by as what (is) this?


Where is …?


وينْ ... ؟

where (is) … ?