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Survival Phrases (continued)


Formal Arabic


II. Meeting and Greeting



How are you?


To a male

كَيْفَ حَاْلُكَ ؟

kayf(a) haalu-k(a)

= how (is) (the) state (of) you?


To a female

كَيْفَ حَاْلُكِ ؟

kayf(a) haalu-ki

= how (is) (the) state (of) you?




I'm fine, thanks


أَنَاْ بِخَيْرٍ ، شُكْرًا

'anaa bi-khayr(in) shukran

= I (am) in well-being, thanks



I am very glad to meet you


Male to male

أَنَاْ سَعِيْدٌ جِدًا بِلِقَاْئِكَ

'anaa sa"eed(un) jidda(n) bi-liqaa'i-k(a)

= I (am) happy much for (the) meeting (of) you


Female to female

أَنَاْ سَعِيْدَةٌ جِدًا بِلِقَاْئِكِ

'anaa sa"eeda(tun) jidda(n) bi-liqaa'i-ki

= I (am) happy much for (the) meeting (of) you




Do you speak English?


To a male

هَلْ تَتَحَدَّثُ الإِنْغْلِيْزِيَّةَ ؟

hal tatahaddath(u) ('a)l-'ingleeziyya(ta)

= is it that (you) speak English?


To a female

هَلْ تَتَحَدَّثِيْنَ الإِنْغْلِيْزِيَّةَ ؟

hal tatahaddatheen(a) ('a)l-'ingleeziyya(ta)

= is it that (you) speak English?



Does anyone here speak English?

هَلْ يُوْجَدُ هُنَاْ مَنْ يَتَحَدَّثُ الإِنْغْلِيْزِيَّةَ ؟

hal yoojad(u) hunaa man yatahaddath(u) ('a)l-'ingleeziyya(ta)

= is it that (he) exists here who speaks English?



I only speak a little Arabic

أَنَاْ أَتَحَدَّثُ قَلِيْلاً مَنَ الْعَرَبِيَّةِ فَقَطْ

'anaa 'atahaddath(u) qaleelan min(a) ('a)l-"arabiyya(ti) faqat

= I speak a little of Arabic only



What is your name?


To a male

مَاْ اِسْمُكَ ؟

maa ('i)smu-k(a)

= what (is) (the) name (of) you?


To a female

مَاْ اِسْمُكِ ؟

maa ('i)smu-ki

= what (is) (the) name (of) you?



My name is John

اِسْمِيْ جونٌ

'ism-ee jōn(un)

= (the) name (of) me (is) John



I don't understand

لَمْ أَفْهَمْ

lam 'afham

= did not (I) understand



What did you say?


To a male

مَاْذَاْ قُلْتَ ؟

maathaa qult(a)

= what (you) said?


To a female

مَاْذَاْ قُلْتِ ؟

maathaa qulti

= what (you) said?



Can you speak more slowly?


To a male

هَلْ يُمْكِنُكَ أَنْ تَتَحَدَّثَ بِشَكْلٍ أَبْطَأَ ؟

hal yumkinu-k(a) 'an tatahaddath(a) bi-shakl(in) 'abta'(a)

= is it that (he/it) is possible for you that (you) speak in a slower manner ?


To a female

هَلْ يُمْكِنُكِ أَنْ تَتَحَدَّثِيْ بِشَكْلٍ أَبْطَأَ ؟

hal yumkinu-ki 'an tatahaddathee bi-shakl(in) 'abta'(a)

= is it that (he/it) is possible for you that (you) speak in a slower manner ?



I understand perfectly


To a male

أَنَاْ أَفْهَمُكَ تَمَاْمًا

'anaa 'afhamu-k(a) tamaama(n)

= I understand you perfectly


To a female

أَنَاْ أَفْهَمُكِ تَمَاْمًا

'anaa 'afhamu-ki tamaama(n)

= I understand you perfectly



 III. Others



That's enough

haathaa yakfee

هَذَاْ يَكْفِيْ

this suffices


What is this?

maa haathaa

مَاْ هَذَاْ ؟

what (is) this?


How much is this?

bi-kam haathaa

بِكَمْ هَذَاْ ؟

by how much (is) this?


Where is …?


أَيْنَ ... ؟

where (is) … ?