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My Homeland


This song became associated with the Palestinian struggle against the British mandate and Zionism. It was sung during the uprising of 1936 in Palestine and it became the unofficial anthem of Palestine.

It was written by the Palestinian 'ibraaheem Tooqaan  إِبْراهيم طوقان . The music was composed by the Lebanese Muhammad Flayfil مُحَمَّد فْلَيْفِل .

Translation to English is in the bottom.

Link to download the song




مَــوْطِــنــي مَــوْطِــنــي

الْجَـلالُ وَالْجَـمالُ وَالسَّــنَاءُ وَالبَهَاءُ

فـــي رُبَــاكَ فــي رُبَـــاكَ

وَالْحَـياةُ وَالنَّـجاةُ وَالْهَـناءُ وَالرَّجـاءُ

فــي هـَــواكَ فــي هـَــواكَ


هــَـــلْ أَراكَ هــَـــلْ أَراكَ

سـالِمًا مُـنَـعَّـمًا وَغـانِمًا مُـكَـرَّمًا ؟

سـالِمًا مُـنَـعَّـمًا وَغـانِمًا مُـكَـرَّمًا ؟


هـــَــلْ أَراكَ فـي عُـــلاكَ

تَبْـلُـغُ السِّـمَاكَ تَبْـلُـغُ السِّـمَاكَ ؟

مَــوْطِــنــي مَــوْطِــنــي


مَــوْطِــنــي مَــوْطِــنــي

الشَّبابُ لَنْ يَكِلََّ ، هَمُّهُ أَنْ تَسْتَقِـلََّ أَوْ يَبيدَ

نَسْتَقي مِنَ الـرَّدَى وَلَنْ نَكونَ لِلْعِــدَى

كَالْعَـبـيـــــدِ كَالْعَـبـيــــدِ

لا نُريــــــدُ لا نُريــــــدُ

ذُلََّـنَـا المُـؤَبَّـدَ وَعَيْشَـنَا المُنَكََّــدَ

لا نُريــــــدُ بـَلْ نُعيــــدُ

مَـجْـدَنا التَّـليـدَ مَـجْـدَنا التَّليـدَ

مَــوْطِــنــي مَــوْطِــنــي


مَــوْطِــنــي مَــوْطِــنــي

الْحُسامُ وَالْيَـرَاعُ لا الْكَـلامُ والنِّـزاعُ

رَمْــــــزُنا رَمْــــــزُنا

مَـجْدُنا وَعَـهْدُنا وَواجِـبٌ مِنَ الْوَفا

يَهُــــــزُّنا يَهُــــــزُّنا

عِـــــــزُّنا عِـــــــزُّنا

غايَةٌ تُـشَــرِّفُ وَرايـَةٌ تُرَفْـرِفُ

يا هَـــنَــاكَ فـي عُـــلاكَ

قاهِرًا عِـــداكَ قاهِـرًا عِــداكَ

مَــوْطِــنــي مَــوْطِــنــي



My homeland, My homeland


Majesty and beauty, sublimity and splendor,


Are in your hills, Are in your hills,


Life and deliverance, pleasure and hope


Are in your air, Are in your air



Will I see you? Will I see you?


Safe and comforted, Sound and honored


Safe and comforted, Sound and honored


Will I see you in your eminence?


Reaching to the stars, Reaching to the stars


My homeland, My homeland


My homeland, My homeland,


The youth will not tire, 'till your independence


Or they die, Or they die


We will drink from death and we will not be to our enemies


Like slaves, like slaves



We do not want, We do not want


An eternal humiliation nor a miserable life,


An eternal humiliation nor a miserable life,


We do not want, But we will bring back


Our old glory, Our old glory


My homeland, My homeland


My homeland, My homeland


The sword and the pen not the talk nor the quarrel


Are our symbols, Are our symbols


Our glory and our covenant and a duty to be faithful


Arouse us, Arouse us



Our glory, Our glory


Is an honorable cause and a waving standard


Is an honorable cause and a waving standard


O, behold you in your eminence


Victorious over your enemies


My homeland, My homeland